Here you will find Meet information and results

Barry ASC aim to promote upto 6 events every year, you’ll receive information on these and ability to enter. These meets are chosen on location and meet level. In the whole we’ll promote Level 4 meets which entitles nearly all Barry ASC swimmers to participate. In you’re interested in entering meets we suggest you enter these meets in the first instance.

Before the event

Open Meets are open to full members who meet the relevant age and time qualifications; entry fees are payable by the swimmer. Each swimmer competes for him or herself for medals, ribbons and improved times. The Club attends various Open Meets throughout the year, at different levels.

Licensing/Grading system

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) licenses meets at levels 1(highest) to 4 (lowest). A Level 1 meet will have minimum qualifying times and is broadly aimed at swimmers aiming for National Qualifying Times (NQTs). Level 2 meets have minimum qualifying times and upper limit times; these are aimed at those looking for District and good County qualifying times (QTs). Level 3 meets typically have upper limit QTs (swimmers may not enter if their times are faster than the specified QTs) and are aimed at County and Club swimmers. Level 4 meets may have QTs in the same way as Level 3 meets, but they have more freedom in terms of using electronic timing and qualified officials