Training For Security Guard Employment

Security guards work in many different areas. Considered by most as a part of the law enforcement community, security guards protect property and enforce the rules of whatever corporation they are working for. These guards sometimes are employed for short periods of times in stores during the holiday season to help cut down on shoplifting and other crimes. Other guards work full time all year round protecting shoppers, properties, money transfers, and company executives.

Training is different from the training required for a police officer because a security guard does not have the same responsibilities or legal rights. While a deputized police officer can arrest a suspect on or off duty, a security guard only has the legal right to detain a suspect either on or off duty.

Schooling for this job is different from other law enforcement education requirements. A person wishing to be a guard is required to complete an 8 hour class prior to beginning an assignment and receive a certification. The certification gets submitted to their state governing offices and the trainee must then complete another training session which includes 16 hours of on the job training. This must be completed within 90 days.

The guards who plan to carry a weapon security driver must also complete a 47 hour weapons or firearm training course. This course includes 40 hours of firing ranging practice and 7 hours of classroom training. They must meet a minimum standard before they will receive a certification.

Training specific to Homeland Security Guards includes training in hazardous materials management, anti-terrorism, disaster management, incident management, facilities security and training in the laws and regulations specific to Homeland Security. This training is in addition to the requirements of a normal, armed security guard. Many colleges now offer training specific to Homeland Security as well as regular security protection courses. However, many decide to attend a specialized school for training.

These types of guards have opportunities for a variety of different types of employment. From guarding banks, different events, corporate guards and Homeland Security, security guards do not have a shortage of employment opportunities. The job description is a person who is employed to ensure the safety of people or property for damage or injury. Homeland Security job descriptions differ in the additional statement of protecting the United States of American from weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

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